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Cartoon Network's Super Toons event includes performances, gags, and cartoon characters. The event includes award categories that highlight the traits that make the Toons popular with children, such as the Badmaash Toon, Biggest Dhamaka, and Bhukkad Award. Cartoon Network characters that have appeared at the event include Ben Tennyson, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Johnny Bravo, Tom & Jerry, The Powerpuff Girls, and Scooby Doo.


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Treasure Hunts, Musical Chairs, Tambola / Bingo, Three-Legged Race and more. Divide them into teams or let them play solo. Add some surprise prizes for the winners and see them participate in hordes.Ensuring engagement of your audience not only improves the experience of guests, but also enables you to collect rich audience data. In order to increase audience engagement, you must make your event fun and engaging.

Food Festival

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A food festival is a festival, that features food, often produce, as its central theme. These festivals have been a means of uniting communities through celebrations of harvests and giving thanks for a plentiful growing season.Food festivals serve as invaluable platforms for preserving culinary heritage. Many traditional recipes and cooking methods are passed down through generations, and these festivals provide a stage for showcasing them to a broader audience.


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